Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rainbows and mountains - magic

Today has been cold, windy, cloudy and raining on and off - so it was a bit on the misery side of life. But just when you are feeling a bit glum nature can turn on a show.

The photos above were taken over a period of about an hour - the colour show just went on. The strange thing was that it all occurred during a cloudy and rainy period. After about an hour the wind appeared to blow it all away and we have been left with a cloudless blue sky with a weak afternoon sun.

But what a show - the lovely grey of the misty mountain in the valley, the brilliance of the rainbow (which had a weak double) and the dark rain clouds above. And what about the white clouds floating behind the rainbow? Magic


  1. that is just amazing... the intensity of colour... wow. There's something special about rainbows...

  2. S - colour and intensity were just brilliant - my little digital of course does not do justice to the wonder of nature. B


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