Sunday, May 9, 2010

Recent exhibition sales

As you know from earlier posts I have exhibited a few pieces in a couple of exhibition over the last two weekends: the Figs in the Forest exhibition at the Wood Expo; and the Earth Dreams Magic (EDM) book launch and associated mini exhibition in Montville.

The photos above show Pam M at the book sales desk with a great selection of Jim's and Hetti's art behind her. The other photo shows Fiona's and my work. The books and wall prints etc are Fiona's; and the beaten metal bowls and small wood and metal etc desk sculptures are mine.

At both the exhibitions I have been fortunate to sell a couple of my desk sculptures. At Figs in the Forest I sold one of my Erosion series (recycled timber and rusted iron rod); and at EDM I sold a piece called Tension (recycled timber, brass and Echidna quills).


  1. Like the idea of desk sculptures! A nice display the two of you had. Congrats on the sales!

  2. S I thought the desk pieces was a quirky way to make it accessible - just make you smkile when you see it amidst the bits and pieces in your space. QAnd it can make it more affordable. B


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