Monday, May 10, 2010

Chunky-bum beaten metal letter R

As you may be aware that Fiona is the calligrapher in our household not me - so my letters for the A Letter a Week 2010 challenge are often a bit odd in the proportion and form departments. So maybe Fiona's comment about my letter R being a bit of a "chunky-bum" could, and I only suggest this is a possiblity, could be correct.

Anyway, what I was attempting to do with the R was practice using the same hammer to beat the metal from both sides to create the reverse effect. The background was to have the indents and the letter itself would be in relief from the background.

The photos show that I have achieved this in a rudimentary way. And I was able to use the $8 hammer that I bought from the community market to do the work.

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