Friday, May 28, 2010

ABMT Auction

As you know from earlier posts Fiona and I committed to exhibit a couple of works in the Australia's Biggest Morning Tea event yesterday (7 June) organised by Kim S at MainStreet Gallery in Montville. Congrats to Kim, MS Gallery and the great team of people who did so much work behind the scene and on the day . The effort generated quite a few thousand dollars for cancer research and support.

The photos above show Fiona's and my 'teapots' on display before the auction took place. In all there were 35 works of art donated by artists for auction. Pretty amazing effort. All works had to have a tea theme.

As you know from earlier posts my tea pot was a small ceremonial piece made from found brass and copper objects. The good news is that both of our pieces fetched good bids in the auction and therefore made a good contribution to the fundraising on the day.

The auction process was a bit nerve racking as: it was a first for me; you never know if your piece is up to scratch; appeals to the buying public; and if there is enough cash around to attract bids. My piece was lot 30 so I also wondered if auction fatigue was setting in. But in the end all was well.


  1. The most creative show I ever saw was a few years ago-- a tea pot show in a museum in Seattle-- I am a tea lover and therefore a fan of tea pots-- yours are very creative

  2. D - it is often good to haqve a challenge that takes one down different paths. I enjoyed creating the tea pot - it had a real connection with the inte3nt of the morning tea. B


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