Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Needed to do something creative

17 May seems a long time ago from an art injection perspective - that was the last time I was able to get down into the studio. Not that Fiona and I have not been doing art related things including: doing our portfolios for the Sculpture on the Edge (Lucas Parklands Exhibition); doing art planning; doing paper work for the next COMA exhibition; showing visitors the studios and our art etc etc. But nothing quite replaces a bit of hands on creativity in the studio.

So this afternoon I had just under an hour before preparing dinner so I decided to do a small contained project. Recently I have assembled a couple of small incense burners for friends so I thought I would do another. I find this a good way to use smaller bits and pieces that don't usually find a home in my bigger pieces.

Whilst I did not finished the project I did make a reasonable start. It looks like a miniature candle holder. It is about 125mm high and the 'bowl' is about 75mm.
I have used pieces from an old light fitting; scraps of copper and brass; and heavy copper and brass bushes it had in the stash. I have yet to sort out the top so that it will hold an incense stick or so that an incense cone can sit on the top of the centre piece. Then it will need a grind and polish. With a bit of luck that will happen tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful proportions, Barry. Keep having fun!!

  2. N - Thanks. I hope to create a couple more uasuing the bits and pieces inn my stash. Great thing is that each is unique as you can'yt just get more of the same bits. B


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