Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hanging pumpkins on the mountain

I know that there are some regular pumpkin followers out there who are just waiting to see what is happening with the pumpkin crop on the block.

Well I have to inform you that the saga goes on - the pumpkins continue to grow. However, you can see from the photos that the vines are beginning to wither with the cooler weather; and the size of pumpkins is getting a little smaller as you can see from the give away stash at the front door.

Because they are all ripening at about the same time I have needed to put some into storage. It was suggested to me that hanging them in a hammock was the way to go - plenty of air to circulate around them. You can see from the photo we now have hanging pumpkins in a hammock given to us by Mark and Caroline. I will let you know if this actually works.


  1. Hi B,

    What are the curious mounds in the background, behind the pumpkins in the first photo?


  2. K They are pieces by Megan Puls - not sure of the name - could be part of her Cocooning series. We have about 20-30 pieces in four clusters. B


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