Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beaten foldformed copper bowl - on the square

I had an hour before dinner last night to do something creative that was not part of any exhibition etc so I thought I would give myself a buzz by creating a small hand held meditation bowl.

A couple of months ago I did a bowl for the Super Bowl 2010 Challenge from a square of recycled brass. I wanted to see how well I could repeat the process with a square of flat sheet 1mm copper; and take it a bit further by putting a bit more thought into creating texture through the beating process.

The bowl is simple and unadorned. It was made by first punching the square into a wooden form; and then beating it with two different hammers. The punching process creates the basic bowl with foldformed pleats in it. A lighter pointed hammer was used to create a more textured bowl in the base; and a heavier ball hammer created the texture on the sides. The copper has been polished with medium steel wool.


  1. mmm, i like... copper always appeals to me! The folds appeal to me somehow... am reminded of bowls made by a blacksmith i used to know... layers of iron, heated & punched, so the different layers at the edges cooled in amazing 'melted' patterns & folds... actually nothing at all like yours, but I hadn't thought about them in a long while! I do like this one of yours. x

  2. S Must say you comment made me smile. It is true we see something and it takes us on a journey and then we come back and see that there is only a fragment of memory that started the side trip. But yes I think this was a good simple bowl - I gave it to a friend - she was happy to receive it. B


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