Monday, May 17, 2010

Some people shine

Today I attended the funeral of a relatively young man. I did not know him really well. He was a person with whom I regularly exchanged greetings and the odd enquiry - but all the same someone whom I recognised as part of the fabric of my life in Maleny. The funeral service was a sad but rejoicing affair. The thing that impacted on me most was the story of his life that unfolded throughout the service revealed a person who had touched the lives of many many people in many different ways. In a sense he shone gently though out life and he gave gentle positive vibes to many. I thought I would dedicate my letter S to him today - S is for Shine and he was a person who shone.

I put a bit of effort into texture on this letter. I have punched a series of small circles on the front; ans a series of larger ones from the back to outline the letter. I have beaten the letter with a small rounded hammer from the back to get the raised but textured look; and used a small sharp edge hammer to beat in the marks around the letter on the front to get contrast.


  1. I wonder to myself if Fiona has made any remarks about 'bums & tums'... sorry i couldn't resist... R's & S's are the bane of beginners (& not so beginners) in calligraphy!
    Seriously tho'... great effect!

  2. S I promise that in dpoing my next ALaW alphabet I will place a stronger focus on calligraphy - I'm sure Fiona will be an able mentorand will ensure I have my bums and tums correct. Thanks for the comment. B

  3. lol... it only takes a few years!

  4. S Trainer wheels are now firmly bolted on. B


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