Friday, May 21, 2010

Webs in the mist

During breakfast this morning I was looking at the mist rolling through our breezeway deck thinking how cool it was to be in the clouds and having them float through the house. I then saw that the mist was depositing moisture on the webs of lots and lots of tiny spiders that had made their home on the wires of the railings. The webs are all about 100mm across and the spiders are about as big as a pin head. A gentle breeze was making them billow like small jewelled sails or convexes.

The photos above show just one section of the many webs billowing in the direction of the breeze. The close ups show the delicate nature of the webs and droplets of mist, the tiny spiders and the trees through the mist.
Once the mist and breeze went you could hardly see the webs or the spiders at all - just one of those passing moments.


  1. Hi Barry

    I love what you have captured with your keen eye...they are like wee sail boats puffed by the wind...

    I am down the mountain, up the coast from you in Noosa...

    Happy days

  2. Sometimes we are lucky to be glancing in the right direction. But it is also true if we are mindful of what is happening around us we do see a few more things.


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