Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Letters V and W

The first alphabet of the ALaW 2010 art challenge is coming to and end. We have five more letters to do in the month of June. All my last letters will be done using the foldforming approach.

As you can see from the following photos I have changed my foldforming towards the end of this alphabet. In the beginning all my letters ran off the page so to speak - see for example the letter E. This is a less complex foldform.
In the latter letters such as the V, and to a certain extent the W, I have attempted to stop the fold inside the line of the sheet of metal.

This fold is harder as you still need to fully fold the sheet of metal: but you want to create a more pronounced fold in the section that you want to stop inside the line; and you want almost no fold in the sections close to the edge. I think I am improving.

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