Friday, June 11, 2010

Metal bowl - Friday is child play

We have visitors - that includes two energetic boys. Fiona had indicated that she and her friend Sue were going into town and would I mind keeping an eye on the boys who were going to entertain themselves with DVDs.
Last time the boys visited I worked with them to make a small 'grove' each out of wood, rusted metal and copper. I thought they might like to do a bit of art instead of watching the DVDs. Silly me. However, Thomas (8 years old) did say that he would be interested in making a bowl if it didn't take too long. He wanted to create one similar to my Time Machine bowl made for the Super Bowl Challenge 2010.

I had cut up a worn anodised aluminium drinks tray that had been bought from a garage sale for 50c. I cut a few circles for beating. I chose aluminum because it is soft and pretty easy for younger people to beat. Also cut up a few triangles and rivets for decoration.

Thomas made the bowl above, with his name, in 45 minutes. Under instruction he did all the beating, riveting and stamped his name (with me holding the stamps steady). A good outcome for an 8 year old. He was so proud of it he wanted to put his name on it twice.


  1. Wow - fantastic work, Thomas. 'Uncle' Barry sure is a great teacher!!

  2. Excellent!! Serious competition for you there B! There is merit in the phrase "just do it"!

  3. S & N - I must say it does give me a buzz when I can excite a bit of artistic interest in kids - and always pleased to be able to share something they can succeed at. And yes it was a good bowl - oh well I will just have to keep my day job even longer. B


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