Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More about the glass

I've had a request to tell what I did with the glass I reported I was fusing in an earlier post. It was all to be used in the base of the Bower for the Sculpture on the Edge exhibition.

As you can see from the photos I made about 18 pendant sized pieces from blue, clear and dichroic glass. Some were super fused (over heated) and the others were more tacked (under heated). I hear you say that maybe I could buy pyrometer?? I glued wire to the back of the glass so they could be tied to the Bower.

The photo above shows the glass tied to the Bower. Not sure if it will convince any Satin Bowerbirds to come and play.


  1. Looks fantastic to me, great job lovely colours, specially like the green together on the blue.

  2. They really set it off... definitely some 'visual vitamins'!

  3. S Given the lolly-pop look of the pieces before they were attached maybe we need to say visual candy? All a little bit of a challenge but has given me ideas for the next ALaW alphabet. B


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