Friday, June 18, 2010

Hard work paid off - Sculpture on the Edge

The Arts Connect coordinated exhibition Sculpture on the Edge required a big effort by a lot of people for a two day exhibition. The exhibition was in fact two exhibitions: the sculptural walk through the forest and gardens (59 pieces of sculpture); and a verandah exbibition of many smaller pieces.

In the photos below you can see some of the human effort required to make it all happen:

Installing sails

Christine recording the set up on video

Building a bridge installation

Folding catalogue-sculpture walking maps

Setting up the verandah exhibition.

And of course what was put up all had to come down on Sunday afternoon. Funny that what appears just a a single word, or line, or appointment on the calendar can entail quite a lot of sub-elements each of which are a task in istself.
But in the end the hard work paid off in a number of ways:
  • the 14 exhibitiong artists pulled together 59 pieces for the forest garden walk that they were proud of;
  • about 1000 people visited the Lucas Parklands gardens and many of these walked the sculpture trail;
  • feedback from visitors was full of praise; and25 pieces of work on the verandah and in the forest-gardens (both small and large) were sold.

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  1. nearly 50% sales can't be bad.... plus the pleasure, inspiration & reflection that was offered to people. I didn't realise it was for only 2 days tho! Well done to everyone!


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