Friday, September 24, 2010

All that glitters is not gold

I have been busy making bowls and leaves to create a bit of stock for the pre-Christmas stock exhibition-sale in one of our local galleries. I have used quite a few scraps of recycled brass to create some of the leaf foldforms. I am now in the process of cleaning a polishing quite a few of these leaf forms.

The photo above shows a bit of a group of leaves that are now polished and ready to be boxed etc. I am pleased how the brass shines and contrasts with the patina of the original piece that is left behind. I am also discovering that the final annealing process before opening the form can result in some nice 'pinks' in the metal. The heat seems to bring some of the copper out of the brass.

Second photo shows a couple of the pieces in a bit more detail. A closer look would reveal the subtle pink on the longer leaf form. Another thing I have discovered as I use my polishing wheel is that a coarse stitched rag wheel not only gives a good polish but also can be used to take the sharp edges off the pieces. Hard to believe that the cloth can act almost like a file - I guess that is what the polishing is I should not be surprised.


  1. ~always beautiful and unique are your you have an etsy store or online store where you creations are sold? warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. well, barry, i like my little bowl so much and then i see your leaves and i am once again floored by the simplicity of design and lovliness--that a pink shows up is quite nifty.

  3. I'm imagining a hand hewn wooden bowl filled with these. Extravagant but a lovely thought. Your new collaborative jewellery line is fantastic! Stunning in fact.

  4. F,V and R - thanks for the positive feedback.

    F - I don't have an etsy shop yet - have been selling through exhibitions or stockroom in galleries - but hope to set up a 'shop' before the end of the year.

    R - love your idea of a bowl filled with 'leaves' - maybe we could organise a trade. Glad you like the Bazola jewels ( Noela is very good with what she can see in the pieces and the combinations she comes up with. It is another fun dimenswion to both our work. B


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