Friday, September 10, 2010

Foraging on Friday

No creations were made today; but there are lots of bits collected that will add to future pieces. As I indicated in my last post Fiona and I went on a material stash replenishing trip today. I know that many fellow artists (e.g. Donna) understand the need to visit 'collectable' establishments to see if we can find 'good stuff' that we can add to our creative pile for use in future pieces.

We were lucky to come across a place that had lots of bits and pieces that the owners were happy for artists to sort through to pick bits for assemblage work - and at bargain prices. The photo above shows the resulting stash - mind you there are a couple of pieces that I had to pay over the odds because they are 'collectable'.

And on this foraging trip we were lucky to buy another large copper laundry boiler at a very reasonable price - great patinated copper for both Fiona and myself.

And yes there is more - I got this rusted but very restorable blacksmith's vice (about 1m long) - it will be great for foldforming once I have serviced it and mounted it on the outside work bench.

And there is yet more even (so exciting!!!) - Fiona found this great hand operated bench drill - it is in pretty good order; and once cleaned etc will be great for drilling the 'pages' of Fiona's metal books - a lot more control with the hand driven drill.
So at the end of our Friday we are happy - with our heap of rusted and patinated bits - our art material stash.


  1. ~what a wonderful array of treasures you found...can see why you are so excited...can't waitto see what you shall create from these beautiful bits...thank you so for sharing such an amazing artist...just stumbled over to fionas place...warm wishes and brightest blesings~

  2. V and FW - Just love having rthe opportunity to browse for old stuff that can be reuswed. And V - Fiona loves her new drill - she isw into doing a series of metal books at the moment so I better clean the drill up so she can put it to use. B


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