Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rust in the city

Fiona and I have returned from a week of work in Canberra and Melbourne. We take the opportunity on such trips to check out a couple of galleries, catch up with friends and see what is new in the environment. One of our Canberra friends told us about a new inner city housing development that was using quite a lot of rusted iron as cladding and embellishments for the building.

The photo above shows part of a whole back wall of a multistory building that is clad in rusted iron.

In a small square behind the building we found the rubbish bins were also clad in the rusted iron - a feast for rust lovers

The square also had 4-5 public art pieces. The one that really caught my attention was this funnel form that had been created from old recycled rusted and painted corrugated iron roofing sheets - lots of cutting, overlapping and pop-riveting to create the form. It is about 2m in diameter; and is displayed really well on the wooden platform with the tree and rusted wall as a backdrop.


  1. Great to see - wish some creative architects would move to Qld.

  2. funny that i was photographing rusty/stained rocks in a wall on a bank here just yesterday!

  3. V - be interested in seeing your rust rock photos. B


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