Friday, September 17, 2010

Full-on Friday but...

This last week has been really full with work: work-work (the paid research etc variety), work on the block, community work and family and friend work - so there has little time time for creativity in the studio. On Tuesday I did manage to refurbish the drill for Fiona and the blacksmith vice for myself (it is now attached to the outside work bench).

Today has been like the rest of the week so I only got down to the dirty studio (garage) at 6pm so I could fit in about an hour of creativity before dinner. I used the time to polish a couple of the foldform bowls that were still in raw form.

In earlier post I had shown the disks of recycled and annealed metal; and what a bowl can look like after folding, annealing again and unfolding. The bowls pictured below are two made from two of the metal disks in the right top corner of the photo. Both have now been polished but not pickled to clean all the old patina off.

So you can see the incense bowl that I showed in the raw is now polished but still looking aged and recycled - including the nut that now holds the incense stick.

The other bowl is quite black on the back even after polishing because it was made from a piece of copper out of an old copper laundry boiler. The black is years and years of wood smoke and tar; and years years and years of laundry work - such history and human effort in the black back of a beaten bowl.


  1. i have to say the copper bowl is just beautiful. and all that history! i've been using a piece of copper pipe for a mordant in some ecodyeing. and it's great in copper penny dye.

  2. Well done B, I'm impressed and amazing you were able to get some creative time in on such a full and busy day!

  3. V - history connections often give the hidden dimension. What colours do you get from using your copper pipe - pinbiks or green patinas? B

    K - There are times that even making room for an hour gives an additional lift to otherwise hard days - a reward for the spirit. B


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