Thursday, September 30, 2010

It had to happen

I have been doing the Light Catcher Series - small assemblage sculptures that incorporate a crystal from a recycled chandelier. Well I think this will have to be the last for a while. I really enjoy the creativity associated with going through my stash of bits; finding what goes with what; and putting the piece together. But I do need to do other things - some foldforms for the Bazola collaboration; leaves and bowls; and I want to get back to doing some of my outdoor posts.

Any way the above Light Catcher began its life as a old fashioned plumbers soldering iron; the head of a shellite flame soldering iron heater; and some gas pipe fittings - a good combo of fire related objects - and of course the crystal. After a bit of fitting and turning and polishing etc it has come together. I left the patina on the elbows for a bit of aged contrast. A quirky piece but I'm happy with it.


  1. your light catchers are brilliant... Would have thought they'd be saleable too.

    the Bazola idea looks great... you two have a good colaboration going there x

    Variety, as they say, is the spice of life... enjoy (though i hardly need say that!)

  2. S, L and V - thanks for the feed back. I have really enjoyed doing these pieces and yes this last one is simple yet quirkily fascinating.
    S - have been approached to do a small exhibition of such pieces - now of course I have an excuse to create more. Yes to the spice of life. B


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