Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wheels and crystal small assemblage sculpture

In an earlier post I talked about a small sculptural assemblage I was creating. Well today I gave myself permission to finish it. We did not get creative making time on Friday; and yesterday was given over to moving more gravel on our terraces and starting the construction of Graham's orchid 'house'.

So here are a couple of photos of the almost compete piece - one an outside shot with the mountains and one inside on the shelf to give a sense of what I could look like on a window ledge in some one's home.
I will take the crystal off and treat the galvo nuts with acid; and then put the whole piece outside for a couple of weeks to cure (go uniformly rusty). I have designed the piece to be placed so that it will capture the sunlight and create rainbows on the walls. You can see from the inside shot just how well the crystal reflects light. I also wanted to have the contrast between the rusted found objects and the brilliance of the crystal (also recycled - from and old chandelier). The assemblage is about 300mm high.
The piece gave me the opportunity to use the tap and die set - all the caster wheels have been hand threaded and the nuts drilled out and threaded to match the thread on the wheels.


  1. Just found your blog and love your latest work, especially thinking of the shadows it will cast in the afternoon light.

  2. A delightful piece, and I adore the shot outdoors with the mountain in the background. I can see the beauty of the added reflection of the crystal...

  3. What a quirky piece of work, looks great, the crystal will do wonders. I’m sure.
    your imagination must work overtime!

  4. Thanks P and M - I do luike doing the quirky assemblage works - lot of fun finding the pieces and putting them together in a new form that works - most times? B

  5. What a great view you have! Quirky but nice... the contrasts of rusted metal & crystal rainbows will be gorgeous.

  6. this is nifty, whimsical. and full of interest.

  7. S - yes we are very lucky with where we live - ever changing view of the mountains in the valley - and ever changing light and often filled with rainbows - hence the inspiration and connection. B

    V - whimsical is a good description. B


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