Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another light catcher

I guess I will run out of bits or my fascination with creating small sculptural assemblages that incorporate a suspended crystal to catch the light will wane. But I have not reached either of those points yet. So as you can see from the photos below I have created another quirky light catcher.

This piece has been made from one ornate piece from a brass bed, an old brass Bunsen burner, a vintage cork screw with a horn handle, a brass block and a brass wing nut. I am trying different approaches to suspending the crystal - this time I have used a bit of brass chain - a bit of a work in progress. Still I like the look of this piece - it makes me smile.


  1. What fun, and what originality! You always manage to put together the most unlikely objects....and somehow make them look as if they've been made for each other :o)

  2. C - Thanks for the comment - I know for me the trick is to see the connections before I start - so I need to look at my collection of junk and pick out the bits I think are going to blend to create a unique piece - fun. B


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