Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wheels upon wheels?

Lately I have been beating away at metal to create some stock for a couple of galleries but felt that I needed a change of creativity. So I have decided to do a few assemblages - small quirky sculptures from found items. I will concentrate on incense bowls and pieces that incorporate crystals from a dismantled chandelier.

I have made a start on this piece that will eventually have a 50mm crystal suspended from the top wheel. Hopefully the light will be refracted as it goes through the crystal and create rainbows.

I started with an old gate hinge I straightened to 90 degrees, an old tensioning wheel, an odd rusted plug and several wheels from old cupboards.
I am trying to create my own bolts and nuts to fasten such pieces together. I have bought a tap and die set to do this - spent a couple of hours today doing some test runs before starting on the pieces.

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