Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bowls for Shrine to the Moon

Recently I posted on my the final of a series of personal shrines I am getting ready for the mini exhibition Fiona and I are having in the Up-Front Club.

Fiona had suggested that I complement the shrine with an aluminium bowl and leaf - a silver look but slightly muted. So I asked people what they thought. The reaction was mixed but a few people came down on the side of brass - but Suzi suggested maybe a bowl that had more than one metal - maybe one made from aluminium, brass and copper. So I have taken up the challenge a produced a few possibilities.

Barry Smith © Bowl cluster
Barry Smith © Zinc plated brass, brass and copper rivet
Barry Smith © Aluminium, brass, copper and aluminium rivet
Barry Smith © Aged foldformed zinc plated brass 
The photo above is all three together for comparison; and the individual bowls - all about palm size. And the photos below show the bowls, with an aluminium leaf, on the shrine.

Barry Smith© Moon shrine with foldformed bowl
Barry Smith © Moon shrine with aluminium, brass and copper bowl
Barry Smith © Moon shrine with zinc-brass and brass bowl
So what do you think of the various options?


  1. i really love them all.. but my favorite of the bottom three photos is the last. though i am hugely fond of the first...not much help i are just too good!

  2. love the zinc plated brass, brass and copper rivet one sooooo much really really fine. (the colors are great and the shapes, structure fine fine.

  3. I love Moonshine - lots going on and the beautiful etched design sets off all the other wonderful pieces!

  4. I'm totally down with the zinc and brass.... and I sound like a teenager...!

  5. They are all wonderful - but I think the aluminium, brass and copper bowl works best with the shrine - although the zinc plated brass, brass and copper rivet is my favorite - it reminds me of a poppy...

  6. L, V, SZQ, VA & S - thanks for your contribution - after further discussion Fiona and I agree that the zinc-brass with brass and copper rivet (the last bowl) is the way to go. It has greater depth of history and colour about it and yes it is a bit poppy-like. We were doing our blurb and price lists etc for the exhibition tonight. I will exhibit 9 Personal Shrines - all will have an offering/incense bowl and leaf. B

  7. I love all three bowls! Yep, all three. Hard choice, the more I look the harder it becomes. I think I like the last two best. I wonder what you will choose!

  8. Too hard to choose! But I see my late arrival here has rendered the point moot. If it were still open for discussion, I would have said - what about having the shrine come with all three bowls included, and let the buyer decide which arrangement to use according to their setting and mood at any given time? But that's me - always wanting to have it all!

  9. Ooooer...luverly! How fortunate I, to be the owner of not one but two of your gorgeous bowls. I look forward to seeing your newest work.

  10. Your work is embraced in your gentleness.

    Have a good weekend...

    For all peace.

    From Saga, Japan.

  11. choices, choices! all 3 look gorgeous i their own right & like tammie says it gets harder as you look!

    Thought i would like the aluminium/brass/copper... and think would go with that if the leaf wasn't there (possibly!).... but when seen together the zinc/brass gets the edge for me too... think its cos it offers more contrast to the leaf & the proportions of brass & copper echoes the shrine more. Glad i waited for these before i posted!

    The whole thing is gorgeous... a very special piece... seeing all the shrines together is going to be a wonderful sight/feeling...

  12. TL, TT, JM, SS - thanks for adding your views. The majority has it - zinc-brass, with brass and copper rivets. TT - would be great top give the potential owner the choice but it will be an un-supervised exhibition in a public space (community cooperative cafe). JM - glad you still feel +ve about your bowls - maybe a leaf to complement and create a little cluster soon. SS - good idea about posting when they are all hung - we open on Thursday next week so maybe next Friday. B

  13. Looking good, Baz - can't wait to see them in the flesh xoxo

  14. oh WOW!!!! it took me quite a while to figure out what the last 3 pictures were (i thought the "moon" looked like a UFO!! blame it on the alien movie i just watched called Super 8!!) ... when i figured it out ... WOW!!! the moon shrine is beautiful!!!

    individually, i really like the zinc plated brass bowl ... on the shrine, i like the last combination. the bowl looks almost like a poppy flower growing off the shrine :)


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