Friday, June 24, 2011

Finishing Flow on Friday

We got our second work-work report away on Wednesday, so Fiona and I both planned to indulge ourselves in a bit of art today. Fiona went off to spend the day with an artist friend and do and talk paper stuff. I planned to cut up a lot of recycled pots, drums, stoves, boilers etc;  and finish Flow.

We as you can see from the photos below I got close to finishing Flow. I found I did not have enough flat-square rusted washers to complete the piece.

Barry Smith © Flow in the backyard
Barry Smith © Detail of bolts and coach screws from the top
If you look closely at the first photo you might see that the washers have a dual purpose. First there are rods right through the timber to stop it from splitting, so the washers and nuts act as part of clamps. I use a 13 mm by 400mm augur bits to drill through the post. The washers and nuts then also become part of the design. I have about 6 more rods to go through the timber - that means 12 washers and nuts. I have used hexagonal coach screws on the cut and oiled face to enhance the flow design; and also to stop the timber splitting further. I used acid to strip the zinc plate of them so they will rust over the next couple of week.

Because I use mainly recycled materials in my sculptures and beaten metal work, every now and then I need to spend a few hours breaking objects down into component parts; and cutting things up with a cutting blade in my angle grinder. This morning I started with the piles below.

After cutting I ended up with this stash of material; and lots of interesting brass odds and ends from the spirit stoves.

And I annealed a heap of metal for leaves, bowls etc.


  1. flow is looking extremely beautiful B! i love the inclusion of the hex nuts ... it sort of reminds me of points in a map ... actually Flow reminds me of a map! really cool!

    such interesting items you have for recycle ... it doesn't ever hit home until i saw them in these photos ... then the picture of your work kinda clicked into place with the raw materials ... amazing what beautiful items you conjure up from these unwanted items!

  2. Bonita, evocative and sinuous sculpture. I like it. Y or well I work with recycled materials from the environment.

  3. Hi B, it'd be nice to see some gentle trickle of rain flow down the groove in you sculpture. I love the look of the dismantled pile especially those rusty grid looking plates! K

  4. Luthien is right - Flow does look like a map...
    And love that treasure trove you have!

  5. LT, L, K & S - glad you checked Flow out. And now that you guys point it out there is a map like form about iT. K - knew you would love the grid plates - can trade!!. L - I never thought of photography and the manipulation of images in that way before - recycling the environment - I like it. B

  6. Flow is VERY impressive Barry, but I'm AMAZED at the stuff you can find a use for. Must keep you in mind when I'm occasionally at recycled places.

  7. Baz ...
    looking good ... only a few more Fridays to go ...
    cheers - Ken


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