Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New work in progress

I thought that Fiona and I would get back into the Up-Front Club today to take a few photos of the individual pieces hanging and priced; and I could post on them tonight. We we did get back in but only briefly and not for photographing. Today sadly enough was mainly about writing a community report based on the field work we did in the NT some weeks ago.

However I had had enough report writing by mid afternoon and said to Fiona that I wanted to start on one of my larger sculptural posts for display in July-August at an estate called Clovelly. I asked Fiona if she could assist as I was chainsawing the corner off a very hard and tallish piece of Rose Gum timber and I wanted her to hold the cutoff piece so it didn't splinter the point. So out we went at 4.15pm - weather looked very overcast and cold but no sign of rain.

Barry Smith © Rose Gum - sawdust and raindrops
Anyway the photo above is a heap of the sawdust that was generated in the cutting; and you can see that 20mins into the work it poured rain and has splattered the sawdust - but good rich red timber colour. From the photos below you can see I have cut the face and started to sand the post back.

Barry Smith © Rough cut post
Barry Smith © Hmm! A bit smoother
The photo below gives a rough idea of the plan for the post sculpture.

The piece will stand 1.2m high and is 300mm square. It will take two people to lift. It will be called Flow as it will have a reservoir and a flowing line routed into the top and flowing down the face that will channel any water collected down the routed flow line. It will be embellished with bolts and rusted iron. I hope to have it finished by the end of next week.

About the Up-Front Club exhibition - well I guess those photos will pop up in another post.


  1. Oh, I love this piece! Can't wait to see it finished! And BTW, that photo of the red sawdust is gorgeous...saw the thumbnail and had to get a better look...

  2. You're on your way to another masterpiece Barry. LOVE that red colour of the sawdust.

  3. Hello.

     Lovely your works...
     The interchange of the artistry brings the peace of the heart.

     Thank you for your visit.
     Have a good weekend.

    Greetings, and Dear hug.
    from Japan.

  4. It is so great to see this piece from its beginnings - what a gorgeous piece of wood! Thanks for sharing these photos. I am sure the final product will be amazing!

  5. Can't wait to see it finished! Now I'm your newest follower:)

    I wish you a wonderful weekend, Barry!


  6. JM, OTL - I agree about the red sawdust - with the rain brining out the colour even more I could not photograph it. R- thanks for checking out the post - this piece will have a little reminder of Japan temple in it. TT - your are right - great timber - I am lucky to be able to source timber from a furniture maker who gets quite a lot of his timber from people cutting down trees that have become too big in suburban yards - great red colour & will contrast nicely with rust and black ink I think. GB - I'm glad that you checked this piece out - I think it will be a strong piece. And glad to be building the links across the hemispheres. Go well. B


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