Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Collecting and recycling

When I'm out 'shopping' for bits for my creation stash I always have an eye not only on individual items but also those things I can pull apart and/or cut up. I indicated in an earlier post that I did quite a bit of cutting up and dismantling on the weekend.

Barry Smith ©A clutter of stove tops
I thought I might just share how much stuff you can get out of some of the old brass gear that is sold through junk shops. Amongst other things I look for old solid fuel camping stoves as they are generally brass and/or copper and have good solid bodies and interesting external and internal bits. The photos below show just how much I got out of four stoves in various states of wholeness and repair.

Barry Smith © Begin with 4 old single burner stoves

Barry Smith © Outlet stems 

Barry Smith © Pressure pump cylinders

Barry Smith © 4 dissected stoves become a treasure trove
I know I will get four strong brass bowls, some brass leaves and bits for Bazola Jewellery out of the flat metal in the stash. What will come from all the interesting tubes, burner heads, rusty stands and pumps depends on a bit of creative inspiration. It all looks pretty grim but all of it will polish up beautifully.


  1. It's hard to believe that old junk will become things of beauty... but I expect they will all be transformed eventually. Gives 'metaporhosis' a whole new connection for me.

  2. Actually, I like a lot of the patinas, and what a lot of cool stuff!

  3. I dread the day I have to move and it's cost me a fortune to move all this JUNK. Cheap junk can be so expensive. You found some nice pieces there. I'm sure they will reemerge into more lovely creations.

  4. this is like archaeology! amazing what you harvest from old stoves!

  5. JM - it really gives pleasure to give junk new forms and life.
    VA - where I can I try to 'harvest' and use the natural patina.
    SZQ - I know what you mean - recently I have started to cull my stash and pass on what I'm not using ; or trading with artist friends.
    V- I like the idea of archaeology - and telling a new story with the finds.
    Go well, scavenge and create well. B

  6. it is a gift to share what you see through your treasure hunter's eyes... thank you so much - this is fascinating and enlightening!


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