Friday, June 17, 2011

Opening of Marking Moments - Up-Front Club

Well the good news is that the opening of Fiona's and my Marking Moments mini exhibition at the Up-Front Club was a quiet social affair shared with a bunch of fellow artists; and of course other willing or unwilling patrons in the Club including a book club and a games group.

The exhibition opening (really short few words by Edith-Ann (the volunteer Up-Front Club art coordinator), Fiona and myself) took place amidst tables as people ate and quaffed wine - a good way to launch an exhibition.

I thought I would try to post two short videos I took with the iPhone to give a better idea of the light, the clutter and chatter of the evening - but after almost 2 hours of trying different things, Fiona and I had to admit defeat and I have now posted some of the individuals photos of pieces and the crowd. Sorry about the poor quality of the photos - it was the light not the wine!!!

Barry Smith © Personal shrine - Connected
Barry Smith © Personal shrine - Shrine to the Moon
Barry Smith © Personal shrine - Leaf
Barry Smith © Personal shrine - Trilogy
On the walls you get glimpses of Fiona's rusted, burnt, calligraphic pieces on the wall - black wall and black frames - makes them look like mysterious warm rusted or aged fragments.

Some of the crowd & F's pieces in background
Fiona and Noela (middle left) in deep conversation
As mentioned in my opening words, the shrines represents one line of my work that focusses on quietness, places and reflection; but incorporate assemblage and beaten techniques (bowls and leaves) and the use of all recycled materials.


  1. congratulations on another exhibition!! the shrines look divine B ... i am surprise that they turned out rather lovely on such a strong colored background! :)

  2. Congrats on those red dots Barry. Very satisfying opening that I'd love to have been free to attend.

  3. I am enjoying your work as I am looking through your sites, I am especially envious of your meeting Mr. Goldsworthy and his visit to our backyard. I am currently working on sculpture as well for upcoming shows and would love to meet you and share the passion for art. you can contact me through my site, thanks for the viewing! greg

  4. you work never ceases to amaze..kudos on another fabulous accomplishment...your recycled pieces make the world a more beautiful place...

  5. The shrines are absolutely awesome...

  6. L, JM, GW, L & S - thanks for checking the post. L- I also was surprised that the red wall would work - fortunately 3d stuff with a bit of shine works wonders on the dark background. JM - sorry that we didn't know about you opening - hope it goes well with the 10 pieces you have in it. GW - thanks for visiting - I have checked out your site etc - interesting kinetic stuff.L& S - comments like yours encourages the creativity - thanks. Go well and create well. B

  7. the long leaf piece is pretty wonderful. glad it was a good night. the red walls look yummy!


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