Monday, June 6, 2011

House full of rainbows

Our house has a lot of louvred windows and the louvres have beveled edges - just the thing for creating rainbows.  We often have rainbows reflecting in different parts of the house - usually in the early morning and later part of the afternoon - when it is a good sunny day of course.

That is all a longwinded preamble to the fact that I wanted to say the house was full of rainbows last week; and they appeared in the oddest places so I thought I might share the photos below - I think some will make you smile. None of the photos have been altered or enhanced.

Barry Smith © Sink with rainbow
Barry Smith © Water-kettle with rainbow
Barry Smith © Potato in bowl with rainbow
Barry Smith © KM's art piece with rainbows
Barry Smith © Coffee plunger with rainbow
Barry Smith © Rainbow in the printer
Barry Smith © Soft rainbows on the wall
Quite a happy accident to have a house that often offers internal rainbows - they make us smile.


  1. Wow!!! coolness! I'd be smiling too :)

  2. Enchanting! Never knew that about levered windows.... cool.

  3. Just magical! Your photos are
    exquisite.... How lucky you are to have such beauty from nature appearing in your home.

  4. Well, I already knew your home was a magical place, but I assumed all the resident rainbows were invisible emanations from the two powerful imaginations living there and not actual chromatic displays! I stand corrected, delightfully so.

  5. Wonderful rainbows! We have them in the kitchen at this time of the year.

    Have linked to your site in a recent post, hope that's ok?

  6. Don't you just love crystal rainbows. My upper windows are full of them and as the sun hits that part of the house my greatroom is so beautiful all a glow with those lovely prisms. I love the image on the old wood. Nice work Barry.

  7. What an amazing house- filled with rainbows - makes the ordinary objects special with their own individual rainbows- everyone would have to smile in your house.

  8. HN, V, OTL, TYT, H,SZQ & D

    Thanks for the comments - yes we know we are very lucky people living in the place we do and where we do. But rainbows are free and universal so it is good that we all get to have some wherever we are - sunlight and some form of crystal required of course. They fascinate me. SZQ - glad your house is also full of them. TT - nice comments but we can't outshine mother nature. D- it just made me have the biggest smile when I saw the rainbow on the potato - but it will not occur again - Fiona informed me we ate the rainbow potato last night - had Noela over for welcome home quiche and bubbles. Go well all - enjoy your rainbows. B

  9. Great post Barry... there must be some omen in all this wonderful colour happening around the house.
    It's all good.

  10. I think they are so beautiful! I need more rainbows in my house for sure!

  11. oh wow!! that's really pretty!!! you sure the fairies didn't move into your place?


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