Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday, furniture, friends and sunsets

As with most days in our household today was full.  In the main we were preparing for a garage sale of our friend Jeff's stuff. He is in Aceh doing good stuff and at Christmas he had a big sort of his possessions; and we had committed to selling off what was surplus when we had time and the weather was fine. So the garage sale is set for tomorrow morning and we have to be up at about 5am to prepare for people who will turn up at 6am.

We had pretty well finished organising things by 4pm this afternoon when Noela turned up to check things out  - followed a little later by Ken. We had planned to pause at 4pm and do a bit of Friday creative stuff in the studio but ended up yarning to N & K, having a tea-copfee; and when 5.30pm arrived had some bubbles etc. So actual creativity in the studio went out the window - but as Noela said the time with friends and fellow artists is creative - well someone has to do the hard yards.

While we drank bubbles an amazing colour show was taking place outside. From the series of photos below you can see the sun setting in the west  being reflected off the clouds and creating progressively stronger colours over the valley and mountains to the south-east below our place.

Barry Smith © Reflected sunset over the mountains take 1

Barry Smith © Reflected sunset over the mountains take 2
Barry Smith © Reflected sunset over the mountains take 3
Barry Smith © Reflected sunset over the mountains take 4
Barry Smith © Reflected sunset over the mountains take 5
So the creative activity on this Friday was all done by nature - lucky us.


  1. What a great series of shots B- captures the mood across the valley beautifully!

  2. Beautiful! And this is the view from your front garden? How wonderful!!

  3. Beautiful color... and, yes, hanging with friends is an important part of the creative process, as is looking at amazing sunsets!

  4. Oh, I thought it was the bubbles creating an illusion for me - all warm and fuzzy being in the company of my wonderful friends once again xoxoxo

  5. That view is to die for! Where are you? Australia? You wanna house swap? I'll let you play with my plasma cutter and welder! ha ha.

  6. What a great view! Those mountains have soooo many moods. Nice to see you lot all back together planning to storm the art scene with full-on creativity. Bubbles work for me too.

  7. F,R,. V, N & SZQ - thanks for sharing a great sunset. R-the view across the valley is from our back deck. SZQ - yep Australia - you and your p/cutter and welder are welcome F says. N- glad to have shared the bubbles on Friday - Saturday was just too cold. Go well. B

  8. friend time, enjoying and nourishing...sometimes letting go the time part (should i say timed part) is a good thing.

  9. amazing color show indeed!
    I want to come to the garage sale.

  10. What a gorgeous sunset! How lucky you are to have been able to relax with friends and enjoy it.

    By the way, my leaf arrived. It's wonderful. I've put it in my studio so little hands (I have 4 yr old twin girls) can't reach it. Thank you!

  11. what an amazing sky! and what a nice way to spend the evening ... coffeeing with fellow artists :) glad your garage sale went well! both of you would be teaching? or is it just for F?


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