Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beginnings and endings

Today was the fourth day of our Creative Spaces - Open Studios. It started with brilliant sunshine and I could not resist a photograph or two of the rusted wheels and timber beside the shed.

Barry Smith © Shadows of rust

Barry Smith © Rusted on
And the shed (aka 601 mvr studio) was also looking great in the sunshine.

Barry Smith © The Shed - aka 601 mvr studio
As were some of our sculptural work on the terrace outside the studio.

Barry Smith © Simple post with leaves

Barry Smith © Sculpture on the terrace

Barry Smith © Beautiful light across the valley
The day started slowly - Fiona and I decided to do a bit of creating just for ourselves (Fiona doing rust paper and I got into a few more intricate leaves) - but by 11.15am it went ballistic and then never really let up until 5.30pm. People were extremely interested in talking about the art; and many conversations were had about how to do stuff, technical stuff like annealing, lots of demonstrations; and as a 'party trick' I made quite a lot of small brass leaves and all the visiting children went away with a treasure (where does he get all the gold {brass} from mum).

Barry Smith © Great calligraphic art Fiona

Barry Smith © From rubbish to leaves - enthralled?
And after 100 people through the studio today the weary artists sat on the log and enjoyed a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Barry Smith © Weary after a good day's work
We are somewhat revived now after a few celebratory bubbles. And it was good the we also sold quite a few bits and pieces. Thanks to all who sent positive vibes to us for a successful time - they worked.


  1. Great photos and a brilliant start and end to the day. Well done xoxoxo

  2. Wonderful post! I get such a strong feeling of contentment from that last photo. A "job" well done! Thanks so much for sharing your open studio with us.

  3. Wonderful inspiration today! Love the first image - that combination of rust and weathered wood is so darn satisfying. The studio looks amazing... I'm about to begin the building of my new studio, can't wait! Congrats on inspiring others and for collecting some money! Speaking of "weathered", we are getting slammed with a hurricane at the moment, power was off in the night, but came back... so while I can, I'm seeing what inspiration is out there today. Thanks for a big dose of it, now back to watching the trees creak and sway out the window... !

  4. What a great turn out. Lovely shed, grounds, view and art. Congratulations!


    congratulations to 2 great open studio weekends! just reading about it made me all pumped up. i'm sure the kids muzt love you B ... ;) love all the pictures you shared today ... the rusted wheels YUM!! but i love the enthusiastic faces you caught :) Art is great! it brings so much joy and evoke so much curiosity. way te GO!!

  6. Glad you had great weather for the final day. Saturday was dreadful! A raging success by all acounts... congratulations! (.. and I LOVE my leaf)

  7. So envious of those who could actually be there. Hope on our next trip to
    qld to actually get there. Love the leaves on the post, every time I see your photos I go down to the farm dump and rescue more rusted cogs and wheels!
    Reminds me to that I need to make some more rusted paper.(and fabric) Love that stuff.

  8. an all around wonderful studio event and final day... so glad you had such success - though not surprised... authenticity in work and life are recognizable, and people are drawn in to that light...

  9. N, R, VA, LAM, LT, JM, P & MD - thanks to all of you for following this part of the art journey with F and I. I just love that there is this global art community out there vibing for you. VA - we have been keeping tabs on your storm - looks like some folks have taken a hit - not good - but hope you are OK. LT - I just love the look on the kids' faces as you share art with them - they just lift you up. JM - there are still a couple of silver leaves on the market - good prices for friends. MD - I was talking to a couple of art students over the weekend and the only bit of wisdom I thought I shared was do what feels right for you art wise - you may not make a fortune but you will enjoy the journey and maybe share a bit of light and energy along the way. P - you will be welcome to share our space and swap art yarns - mind you if you are travelling this way in a ute we might have to arrange for you to bring some of those wheels. F and I have had a bit of a breath catching day today - though we did help Ken to put up the COMA exhibition - but that is a post for later. Go well. B

  10. excellent! what a huge push of energy and enthusiasm. tea, and later, bubbly sounds good to me! the shed look great.

  11. First of all, it's a testament to the quality of your artwork that anyone at the studio could look at anything but your gorgeous view! I'm so glad you both had such a successful weekend - impressed you pulled off a double and survived to tell the tale! It must be gratifying that so many people wanted to talk about the work in detail and in depth. I experienced this too last spring at our Open Studios and it made for some really satisfying exchanges above and beyond mere chitchat and self-promotion! And now - back to work with you! All the best.

  12. Congrats guys! It was a successful weekend all round. I love the photo of my wheel B :-)

  13. V, TT &K - thanks for the feedback and congratulations. V- shed is good but the bubbles were better. TT - I remember your experience last spring - it does take a lot out of you but good to share the art passion. K - almost time to collect that wheel and a few other bits and pieces. Go well. B

  14. mmm, that is a lovely photo of the two of you, sounds like the open studios were well worth it in many ways.

    Haven't been travelling the blogosphere so much of late, feels like have missed so much & you have so many treasures to catch up on. can't possibly comment on all tho would love to, just nice to see & feel your creative vibe!


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