Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Production yet unique

On the Saturday of the Open Studios there seemed to be a run on beaten bowls - we  sold quite a number of various sizes and material. So in preparation for next weekend I have had to get into production mode and make about 8 replacements.  Yesterday I managed to cut out and do some initial beating on the five bowls you see below.

Barry Smith © Roughly beaten bowl components
Barry Smith ®  Rough bowls - detail

Today I was able to finish all five.

Barry Smith © Five - shiny and polished
The three below are multi-metal and multi-layered and riveted bowls.

Barry Smith © Multi-metal, multilayered beaten bowls
The other two are simple bowls beaten from a EPNS food and drink coaster.

Barry Smith © From coaster to bowl

Always gives me pleasure to see the recycled materials turn into something of beauty; and also to ensure that each piece is unique.


  1. They are evolving beautifully, Barry - each little series taken a step further - lovely work xoxoxo

  2. the bowls are beautiful and i am inspired by you to find alternate metal sources... i may start hitting the flea markets and thrift stores... it makes me happy when i buy recycled silver... but this repurposing is really fabulous... in my head i see your piles of metal before you start breaking them down... what you are doing is commendable... and unique...

  3. You are so right about the satisfaction of repurposing recycled materials... especially when turned into something as stunning as your beaten bowls. Congrats on a successful show and sales too!

  4. Hi Barry,
    I love your bowls, they are just gorgeous. I espeecially love the last picture - the original etched pattern works beautifully with your hand beating!
    Take care,

  5. I love the light on the bottom two - little moon-universes.... stunning!

  6. Just knew you'd sell heaps Barry! I came home with one of your leaves that is on display, and inspiring me at this very minute. Your bowls just invite you to pick them up and hold them.

  7. Gorgeous work, all of them! And hooray for recycling -good for you!

  8. Barry ~ So happy for you that the opening was such a success. The hard part of doing so well is having to constantly reproduce. As you and I know doing everything by hand always takes longer. I can't wait to get truly busy outdoors again ~ 115 Today is just too hot to be motivated.

  9. WOW, what a collection! Your bowls are breathtaking, Barry. Each and every one of them is a beautiful work of art. Love especially your multilayered beaten bowls.

    Hugs, Gaby

  10. N, MD, L, JM, SD, SZQ & GB - thanks gang for checking out the post and for your support. MD & SD - reclaimed metal is the way to go - there is a lot out there in various forms. SZQ - stay inside it is just too hot to be out creating. GD - glad you liked the layered look. Go well and create well. B

  11. I can see why these were such a popular item last weekend! I love that they are from reclaimed metal too. Just working on a post on that very subject - I so admire artists like you who give second life to abandoned and discarded materials! We live in such a "throwaway" society it's nice that some people are working against that tide! Press on! And best of luck this weekend.


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