Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cold but clear skies

Recently Fiona and I were in Canberra for work-work and though we both lived there for many years I think we had forgotten how cold it could get. Whilst we were there it was -7 degrees overnight; and as you can see from the photos below it was not wise to leave the hire car without cover.

Barry Smith © Frost on windscreen

Barry Smith © Fiona warm inside
It took quite a while to scrape the frost off with a plastic card. But the advantage of such intense coldness is bright blue sky days. We took the opportunity to visit the National Gallery and of course were drawn to James Turrell's lighting installation called Within without 2010; and were not disappointed with the colour and light .
Barry Smith © Sky-dome
Barry Smith © Reflected light
Barry Smith © Sky and light
Barry Smith © James Turrell's light installation
Of course as I have indicated before I want to build one of these on the block.


  1. the windshield of the car is SO will be that way here, in no time!

  2. Hi Barry, Loved you taking me to the light installation of James Turrell. I would not have seen it otherwise.

    I am sure we could do something along those lines in a smaller capacity with Art4Place ...what do you thing....

  3. Oh how I love Turrell! I hope to get to his crater some day, I hear its amazing.

    Frosty windshields, oh, I remember that. I could feel a few fingers of autumn in the air today, though its suppose to still be hot and humid. I'm sure it'll be back and then in a flash we'll be covered in 3 feet of snow.


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