Friday, August 12, 2011

Mini promotion

Fiona and I were asked by an artist friend if we would hang some of our wall type art in the local library as a mini promotion for the Creative Spaces - Open Studios. If you know our art you would know that we are not big wall art types - Fiona has a bit more than me; but we both tend more towards the 3D forms.

Barry Smith © Fiona and Barry do wall art
Anyway as you can see from the photos above we put together a balanced few pieces that reflect our mutual love of rust and found objects; and also Fiona's love of 'white on white'. Fiona's white piece gave a strong focal point; and given it was just after Hiroshima Day it was a nice touch that it had the peace theme.

Barry Smith © Fiona turns curator
Barry Smith © When in need there is an app
Fiona set the display up whilst Noela and I set up Bazola. Fiona needed a spirit level and being resourceful she went online and down loaded a free spirit level app for her iPhone - and it worked well.

Barry Smith © Blossoms blown bent

Barry Smith © Starry starry night
Fiona Dempster  © Peace
Fiona Dempster © Fragment of marks
Fiona Dempster © Fragment of Peace - 'white on white'
The photos above given a little more detail; of some of our pieces.

And we were able to use the Creative Spaces poster and map to promote the open studio event.


  1. Great display and the best of good luck for the Open Studios weekends - may there be lots of visitors and lots of sales xoxoxo

  2. Fiona is indeed resourceful. I would never have thought of that and I'm hopeless at hanging pictures in a "straight stripe" (as they say in South Africa). I hope you don't mind that I tumbled your Blossoms Blown Bent. Love it!

  3. wonderful display.. you and Fiona are a talented team and I'm sure you'll have much success at the open studio event!

  4. Hello, Barry

    The graceful sense wraps your artworks.

    Thank you for the warmth of your heart.
    Have a good weekend...

    The prayer for all peace.
    from Japan, ruma

  5. lovely little temptations for the open studios!

  6. wonderful. I don;'t think I've seen your wall art before,
    I like it a lot...!

  7. These wall art pieces are so gorgeous, Barry. I love 'Starry Starry Night'.
    I am sure the Creative Spaces - Open Studios will be a huge success.

  8. N, R, L, R, V, VA & S - thanks for the supportive energy leading up to the Open Studios event. Just a new experience for us - this cross over between having people watch you work but also having enough stuff on display to show the breadth of work and maybe sell - all unpredictable. R - I'm thrilled you thought Blossoms Blown Bent was worthy of tumbling - thanks. VA & S - glad you enjoyed the wall art. Go well. B

  9. Both of you are just clever and creative. Its fun to have a partner to create with. Can't wait till the hubby retires next year and all our time is spent on FUN. Enjoyed all the rusty beauties!


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