Friday, August 5, 2011

Seeking peace

Tomorrow (Saturday 6 August) is Hiroshima Day - so a good day to remember and seek peace. Donna Watson's post is a beautiful reminder of this event and the shared desire for peace in our modern world.

Our Friday on the mountain started with an amazing rainbow that became a double; but what I liked about it was the way it split the sky into dark and light. For me it in a way represented what we try to achieve through peace - move out of darkness and terror into a brighter quieter way of being. The photos have not been tampered with - photoshopped etc.

Barry Smith © Peace - from darkness to light
Barry Smith © Peace - from darkness to light 2
I thought I might just share a few images from the block, some temporary (crystal formation) and some more permanent,  that we use to remind us that peace is something that we need to strive for each day.

Barry Smith © Peace script on our bell - hei-wa
Barry Smith © Peace script on our bell - hei-wa
Barry Smith © Crystals of peace 1
Barry Smith © Crystals of peace 2 
Barry Smith © Peace symbol - hand carved 
Barry Smith © Peace symbol - router carved 
Barry Smith © Imagine peace
And of course a favourite quote:

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will have peace. 
Jimi Hendrix


  1. Beautiful and a great quote - Jimmi was a wise man xoxoxoxoxo

  2. i am deeply moved by your post today... and am so grateful you saw that rainbow and were able to capture it and then share it... the effect is breath taking... you live the way of peace... and that makes all the difference...

  3. a favorite quote of mine too..
    beautiful and touching post...namaste.

  4. Beautiful... rainbow, thoughts, quote... and of course joining in the wishing for peaceful hearts the world over...

  5. wonderful quote about love and power

    loved seeing your rainbow and arts

  6. I loooove this post, words and pictures are really beautiful!!!

    a big hug from Spain,

  7. N, MD, L, SS, TL, BaC & V - I am glad that the post united us in a little search for peace; and that we shared the sentiments of JH. MD - thank you for joining in the energy of seeking peace. L, SS and TL - yes we give thanks for the little bits of peace we share. BaC - great to have Spain as part of the peace community. V - lucky photo - but I agree it was a beauty to behold. Go well - share peace. B


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