Friday, August 19, 2011

Catchup on Friday

It has been a pretty crazy week as Fiona and I have been on the road, or should I say in the air, for work-work in some shape of form for most of the week.

Tomorrow we are into the first weekend of our Open Studio event  and  601 mvr goes live - as you can see from the photo below.

Barry Smith © 601 mvr - that is us
The day has been a real mix - mowing the weeds; tidying up around the shed; getting things sorted for the art4place activity also on tomorrow; moving stuff across to enable me to actually do metal beating work; pricing; putting up signage - I'm tired already - but we also managed to go to the opening of Ken Munsie's studio - great gathering of people.  Thought I might just share a few images of the studio display in place.

Barry Smith © A windowsill of bowls etc
Barry Smith © A bookcase of Light Catchers
Barry Smith © Bowls and balancing 
Barry Smith © Light catchers
Barry Smith © Spiral
Barry Smith © A shelf of leaves
Barry Smith © Floating bowls
Barry Smith © A tin box of our new cards
Barry Smith © A stash of inspiration bits
And some photos of the metal working area.

Barry Smith © Lots of places to hammer etc

Barry Smith © A box of annealed metal
Barry Smith © A bucket of offcuts

Barry Smith © The finishing post
Guess we will see what tomorrow brings.


  1. Looks great! And I see my leaf's cousins there looking lovely all together.....

  2. wonderful images B!! wishing you and F a very successful open studio weekend :) everything looks good ... and now the anticipation begins!

  3. Wish I was in Qld now, Just love those bowls and leaves.

  4. place looks great. wishing you a very good weekend.

  5. Hope is was a wonderful turnout. Wish I was there to see and watch you both create!

  6. VA, LT, P, V & SZQ - thanks all - good to have the support of fellow artists on occasions such as this - and would be great if all could visit. The day has been full with art4place installations and then we had about 60 people though the studio today. VA - quite a few cousins of your leaf went out the door. SZQ - it is always good to watch other artists work but what gave me a real buzz today was demonstrating stuff to kids who came with their parents and it was an extra buzz to give them the piece (leaves of course) that we shared - they were stoked and who knows what it might inspire in them. And Fiona and I even sold quite a bit of stuff - so tiring but energising day. Go well all. B

  7. Everything looks great Barry, from your beautiful wooden sculpture to the box of annealed metal. Even the bucket of offcuts is making my heart race! Wishing you all the best with good sales.

  8. My goodness! beaten floating bowls, leafs, Light catchers, letter and word tags... weeding, cleaning, arranging... you are so busy and productive.. best wishes for a wonderful exhibition.

  9. Fabulous workspace Barry. I collected some exquisite pieces while there. They graced my workspace at Maleny Arts Retreat for the day and were obviously inspirational. LOVE my leaf, but would like to have taken them all.

  10. What a magnificent collection and so very well displayed.
    Your leafs are unique and I LOVE your light catchers!

    Hope you had the most wonderful weekend and wishing you a terrific Monday!


  11. R, D, JM & GB - thanks for your wishes and support - means a lot to have the positive vibes from our global community. R - correct - great bucket - filling with offcuts - so much texture. D - after reading your post on Zen - I know I need to slow a bit. JM - thanks for dropping by even though you were busy and thanks for purchasing - I'm glad you have a leaf in your life maybe we could arrange others to create a litter of leaves. GB - thanks for comments about leaves and light catchers. Go well. B

  12. i really love seeing your work area... where certain things 'live'... the set up in the studio is gorgeous...

  13. Hello, Barry

    Lovely your works, full of JOY!

    Thank you world-wide love.
    and, your encouragement.

    The prayer for all peace.

    Have a good weekend.
    from Japan, ruma ❁


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