Sunday, August 7, 2011

Unexpected visitors

Over the last couple of days Fiona and I have been doing cleaning and gardening work in and around the shed as preparation for the Creative Spaces - Open Studios event on 20-21 and 27-28 August. Window cleaning, pressure cleaning and weeding is not heaps of fun - but every now and then nature rewards the drudgery.  We had a very lively Echidna visit and we had fun following it around for about an hour observing its antics and making sure it did not head onto the road.

Fiona Dempster © Echidna with mountain background
As you see from the additional photos below it was a special thing to do.

Fiona Dempster © Echidna visits standing stone
Fiona Dempster © Echidna foraging
Fiona Dempster © Crossing our driveway
A couple of weeks ago we had a Goshawk visit and sit on our gutter for quite some time - not great shots as they we taken through the window and fly-screen.

Barry Smith © Goshawk checks out the surroundings 1
Barry Smith © Goshawk checks out the surroundings 2
One of the advantages of living on a block with trees etc is that you get cute visitors from time to time.


  1. awwww.... that's CUTE!!! it's waddling! isn't it nice to see wild life in your property? it means you're doing something right :)

  2. What a wonderful little thing! We have his/her large cousin the porcupine ( I imagine its a cousin), but no hedgehogs or echidnas... they are CUTE!
    Nice goshawk, too...

  3. Nothing better than a good visit with the local wildlife.

  4. when wild things visit, you are blessed.

  5. OH yes! It's always a thrill to see wildlife. Those pictures are great.

  6. What lovely visitors, the kind that can never overstay their welcome! They must know that they need to get these visits done before the Open Studios weekends bring too many humans for them to feel free to roam about!

  7. Oh Barry ~ you and fiona are blessed with that view! Little critters they make it that much more interesting. Such a lovely wild paradise. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. local wildlife visitors always liven up the work.

  9. L, VA, LAM, V, JGR, TT, SZQ & L - I think that is the sentiment that we all share - we are privileged when these little critters not only pay us a visit but also stay for a while and share company with us. Cheers. B


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