Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's that over there

One of the intriguing things about walking in the half light of dawn is that you discover things but often have a double take. Fiona was telling me about how we often do double takes - like walking along seeing something that looks like a animal on the side of the footpath and then split seconds later realising it was a child's abandon hat. But sometimes the half light just encourages one to notice or question one's vision more.

The following appeared on a recent early walk.

Barry Smith © A strange fungi - no a child's pale blue mouse toy
Barry Smith © A small dog - no a hare - wot a hare in Maleny?
Barry Smith © Of course it has always been there!!
And when I got home I couldn't resist comparing a photo of an actual Satin Bowerbird's bower in morning light with my rusted bower in the increasing dawn light.

Barry Smith © Growing bower - tucked under a bush

Barry Smith © Rusted bower at dawn


  1. Wonderful Idea! What better material than rebar ~ one of my favorites! The creative juices just overflow over there. Keep Flowing!

  2. What a bower bird you are Barry, collecting images willy-nilly. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What tis it? It did look like fungi B, and I immediately thought of your bower bird nest sculpture before I saw your rusted picture!

  4. fun to take a morning walk with you two and see through your eyes.

  5. your bower looks a little bit prickly!

  6. Hello, Barry

    I am touched by your works.
    The profound atmosphere will heal my feeling.

    Your sensitivity is praised

    The prayer for all peace.
    Have a good weekend...
    ruma ❀

  7. SZQ, JM, K, TL, V & R - thanks for comments. SZQ - I think you are addicted to rebar amongst other things. JM - you are right I am a bit of a collector but I must be a rust or brass bower bird. K - art imitating nature? TL - you are the one who shows us so many details of the world through your lens. V - a bower that can be used for more than one season? R - thanks for words of peace and support. B


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