Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bazola earrings bits; and photos of the moth

I asked Noela if she could create a stash of Bazola earrings and a couple of brooches for me to take to Melbourne when we go down next week to set up the Light and Lines exhibition in Handheld Gallery. I thought some of our friends down there could be interested in purchasing a piece or two of Bazola bling.

Noela suggested that I make a few more of my beaten, foldformed and stamped bits for her to choose from to create a selection. Last night we had a dinner party of fellow artists including our friend Noela so I handed the stash below over to her for the next part of the creative Bazola collaboration. In all, there are 14 pairs of bits - silverplated brass, brass and copper.

Barry Smith © Bazola silver-plated earring bits
Barry Smith © Bazola earring bits
Barry Smith © Bazola earring bits
Barry Smith © Bazola brass and copper earring bits
During the night I discovered a coloured moth on one of our privacy doors and couldn't resist taking a couple of photos with my iPhone - with and without flash.

Barry Smith © Moth through a glass darkly - no flash
Barry Smith © Moth through a glass darkly - with flash
And then of course I needed to play with the originals.

Barry Smith © Moth through a glass darkly -  flash - altered
Barry Smith © Moth through a glass darkly - no flash - altered
Barry Smith © Moth through a glass darkly - with flash - altered
Bit of fun and interesting outcomes.

And the dinner party was a bit of a hoot - good food, good friends, good wine, great art discussions and great laughs.


  1. how lucky is noela to have those pieces to work with? they are gorgeous... glad the dinner was fun and as always - i love your photo series...

  2. I would of loved to have been at that dinner party! Love the "dull" pieces of metal.
    P.S. How much are your leaves???
    and Yes, all these creations are for my upcoming shows. I have no idea where I'm going to put it all!

  3. Those Bazola bits are beaut. Interesting moth images too... rather mysterious.

  4. I'm sure your dinner party was quite the grand time! These are going to be beautifully, striking pieces....cheers! Love those butterfly images too!!

  5. MD, SZQ, JM, P & TL _ thanks for comments - it was a bit of a mixed bag of a post - dinner, Bazola bits and moths - hm!! MD - sharing bits with other artists and collaboration gives me a lift - another dimension of creativity - through someone else. SZQ - leaves are for sale but as I don't have a shop sales are usually by personal contact. JM - I like the idea of a mysterious moth. P - the dinner parties are always full of energy and possibilities. TL - what can I say - metal starts out drab but reveals its beauty. Go well all. B

  6. yes, only Barry can go to the bathroom and come back with a beautiful mysterious moth photo :)- the dinner was great, company fabulous, and I have already made new earrings from most of the silver fragments -thanks to Baz for shaping and texturing the pieces in readiness for a quick and easy 'put together' xoxoxo

  7. N- good news - we sold quite a few in Melbourne. B


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