Friday, September 2, 2011

Moods of our mountains

The weather in many parts of the world seems a bit crazy this year. We have been watching the storms in the US that have moved through to Canada and beyond; and been thinking of folk we know over that way hoping they are safe.

Over the last week I have captured a few of the moods of our mountains with the trusty iPhone.  Moods changing from threatening black storm clouds, through beautiful morning lights, to the valley filled with soft puddles of clouds.

Barry Smith © Threatening storm clouds approach - inverted image (iPhone app)
Barry Smith © The approaching storm
Barry Smith © Like ragged torn black cloth the storm approaches
The storm floats across the valley towards us - the ragged black clouds like torn black cloth drifting at the same level as our house.

Barry Smith © Ribbon of gold - mist filled gullies
Barry Smith © First rays through darkened trees
The thread of gold in the morning; and glinting through the still dark trees.

Barry Smith © Puddles of cloud in the valley below
Barry Smith © Land clouds-sky clouds
And the valley filled with puddles of cloud that push against the Glass House Mountains in the valley floor.

The changing vista never ceases to amaze me.


  1. I think your veranda would be the absolute most perfect place for me to retreat to with my paints.... since many of my imagined landscapes look very much like the storm-views from there! That top photo is a painting, and has a bit of rust and good patina in it, don't you think?

    The storm was pretty horrible nearby with buildings floating down the river after close to 10 inches of rain. June tornados and August hurricane, we are watching another and hope it moves out to sea. Yes, the weather is quite intense these days.

  2. Great view! Love your altered one Barry... and thanks for your artistic 'support'. I'm absolutely thrilled to be part of your collection.

  3. B - that first fiddled photo is amazing; a stunning reinterpretation of nature's magic. great shots btw!

  4. glorious photos. what a fantastic world to watch and love!

  5. Absolutely amazing photos, Barry! LOVE the inverted image!

  6. Great shots Barry - especially the first one, how odd that the manipulated image is the one that seems to most truly capture the mood of all this strange weather!

  7. VA, JM, F, V, S & TT - thanks for your comments fellow weather watchers. VA - really saddened to hear about the floods after the storm - so much suffering after the storm has disappeared from the news cycle. VA, F, S & TT - the inverted image really brought out the malevolence of the storm - and of course some really great colours. JM - it is a great work to have at our place. Go well all. B


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