Sunday, September 4, 2011

Starlight - light catcher

Another small (150mm X 150mm) light catcher in the making. This one is called Starlight - a small star portal.
Barry Smith © Starlight - star portal
As you can see from the photo below it still requires quite a bit of cleaning and polishing but the construction work in the main is complete including cutting 5mm thick brass plate (a recycled name plate off a building), drilling and tapping into the base of the uprights and drilling and cutting the brass rod.  I think the two uprights are hardened drill or jack-hammer tips - they came to me in a box of tool junk. The brass bas will contrast nicely with the steel uprights. The crystal needs to be fixed - just testing it out in these shots

Barry Smith © Starlight - polishing yet to be done
I was working quickly on this piece so the tools just kept building up.

Barry Smith © Messy bench???
Some people think they have layers - but what about the layers of tools on the bench

Barry Smith © Layers!!!
The good thing about work spaces they can be restored to neat and tidy reasonably quickly - whereas creativity just needs its moment.


  1. What a beautiful assemblage.
    I like the contrast of the iron and the light catcher.
    Something fragile, something solid and strong.

  2. Jack-hammer tips transformed into art! Great to see layers of tools on your work bench. My problem is usually layers of scrap metal. I don't know where to put it all and can never find what i want.

  3. what a beauty B! you know i've been following a series called Ancient Aliens ... and Starlight really reminds me of some of the fascinating stuff they showed there about alien visitations to the ancient megalithic sites.

  4. Layers are good... so's the light catcher.

  5. Oh my, I have layers on my work bench... Love the light catcher - this one has a special quality.

  6. Barry, I love how you are able to see the wonderful possibilities in just about anything! You have such an amazing affinity for putting different materials together! Bravo!

  7. ML, R, L, JM, S & P - glad you liked the lovely contrast between the hardened steel and the fragile crystal. R&S - sounds like we have something in common - filing by piling and layering - when cleaning up one does risk losing good stuff. P - thanks for the compliment - I had looked at those two hardened tips for about two months and just knew that I needed to create with them - but the base and the link had not surfaced and then it happened - the muse arrived or as L says aliens!!! Go well and may we all see and create well. B

  8. Hello, Barry

    Your work is embraced in your gentleness.
    The internal vitality is just life.

    Have a good weekend.

    Greetings and hug.
    From Saga, Japan.
    ruma ❁

  9. juxtaposition working well here


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