Friday, September 9, 2011

Finished on Friday

He who must be obeyed and our esteemed COMA leader (aka Ken Munsie) invited a few of the folk who exhibited pieces in the Library weed exhibition (Maleny Image 9 - Introduced) to create new pieces for the transition of the exhibition to the Up-Front Club next Tuesday. Those with red dots got the nod. The Up-Front Club exhibition will run for 4 weeks.

So today I have been working on another piece that focuses on Ageratina riparia (also known as Mistflower and creeping crofton weed) - it is a garden escapee. The photo below shows some of the leaves and 'flowers' ready for polishing and installing on the piece.

Barry Smith © Leaves and 'flowers' in the rough
And the piece titled Introduced 2 (10x12 inches) is finished and ready for delivery to Ken. Most of the leaves are quite small - the smallest new shoots are in fact about 1cm long - bit of a challenge to create.

Barry Smith © Introduced 2 - Ageratina riparia
Couple of detailed shots.

Barry Smith © Detail Introduced 2

Barry Smith © Detail - Introduced 2
Introduced 2 better reflects the weed theme than the earlier piece in that the background metal (rusted flat galvanised sheeting) came from a roadside collection at one of the original farms in the Maleny area; and the reddish plate is painted copper and brass cut from an old weed knapsack sprayer. The 'flowers' are made from copper recycled from an old laundry copper; and the leaves from an anodised aluminium canister.


  1. Oh my, what you can do with recycled metal....another beautiful work!

  2. Excellent work, congratulations on this new and beautiful work of art, I love those flowers. Saludos.

  3. Looking good Barry... I'm struggling with my replacement work.

  4. I love how creative you are with your art! This is wonderful.

  5. Sculptural work looks very intriguing. Lovely leaves, these.

  6. It is magnificent, Barry! I love it.

  7. The wonderful things one can create with metal.

    Your work is amazing.I love the detailing.

  8. CM, L, JM, TL, LAM, S & ML - glad you liked the recycled stuff - I must admit this piece on weeds is more metal the first one - more metal and rust and less canvass??? I am to give KM a hand to hang the exhibition in the UFC tomorrow - all the works will be on a rich dark red wall - be interesting to see how the piece works with that background. JM - talked to Noela tonight - she was still waiting for her replacement work to dry. Look forward to seeing your new masterpiece. Go well all. B


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