Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sunset via bathroom door

Over the last week or so we have been experiencing some rich sunsets through the trees as the sun begins its migration to the south-west for our summer.

A couple of days ago Fiona drew my attention to the fact that the sun must be a ball of fire - how did she know as the western blinds were down - she could see the distorted image below through the pixelated privacy glass in the bathroom door that opens onto the western deck. Why we have a bathroom door that opens onto our western deck is another story.

Barry Smith © Bathroom view of sunset -1.
The actual sunset looked like that in the photo below.

Barry Smith © Sunset through the trees
Following are a sequence of photos of the sunset through the bathroom door as it fades to nothing.

Barry Smith © Bathroom view of sunset- 2.
Barry Smith © Bathroom view of sunset - 3.
Barry Smith © Bathroom view of sunset - 4.
And with these shots I didn't even need to use an iPhone app.


  1. Totally captivating - the last one is my favorite.

  2. most mesmerizing images of Fiona's ball of fire...

  3. Interesting how many things 'creative' people notice that many others wouldn't. Lovely pics.

  4. I love those compositions, delicious colors and textures in different variations. Very mysterious.

  5. non-pixel pixels...photographing the sunset (or the moon) can be such entertainment! nice work

  6. Your bathroom door is a substitute for enhanced digital imagery.. very beautiful.

  7. Hello, Barry

    Attractive works.
    You are the excellent artist.

    I thank for your usual and hearty support.
    And i pray for you and yours peace.

    arigatou gozaimashita !!
    ありがとう ございました。

  8. Hi VA, AM, JM, L, V, D & R - glad you enjoyed the bit of photo fun through our bathroom door. JM - so right I find myself seeing so many things that I want to capture and share - I didn't do that as much in the past when I was buried in the bureaucracy - but now I have the time and inclination to see. Go well all. B


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