Friday, September 16, 2011

Sharing a few pics on Friday

Fiona and I have been going a bit flat out recently so we decided to take a few days away. We decided to head to sea as we have beautiful mountain views and knew the sound and sight of the sea would be relaxing.

We managed daily or twice daily walks on the beach. As usual took a few photos of things with the iPhone - so thought I'd share a few.

Barry Smith © Leaf with sand
Barry Smith © Abandoned bedspring in the sand
Barry Smith © Black pebble in the sand

Barry Smith © Yellow pebble in the sand
Barry Smith © Leaching coloured sands 1 
Barry Smith © Tree root

Barry Smith © Leaching coloured sands 2
Some sand and objects lend themselves  to manipulation with the iPhone apps so here are a couple of before and after photos.

Barry Smith © Dog visits abandoned bedsprings in the sand
Barry Smith © Dog print enhanced
Barry Smith © Patterns in the sand
Barry Smith © Patterns manipulated
And we did return refreshed and are back into it - a full program of work-work and art that will take us up to Christmas.


  1. wow, how beautiful, great pics, hope you had a good time relaxing.
    And now back to work!

  2. Magnificent photos of the black sand, Barry - deserving of a blog book xoxox

  3. No better place to refresh yourselves than walking the beautiful beach. The pics of the sand are stunning - such movement and texture all at the same time. Time for great camera so you can have them in your studio.

  4. Wonderful how such seemingly insignificant little things have such power when photographed. Love the bedspring!

  5. Wow! beautiful! . . and with an iphone!

  6. your lens, your eye that is, pays attention. i am so glad.

  7. WOW!! AMAZING AMAZING photos B!! i can see why there's an iphone photographers' community out there making art with their phones. your shots are so very inspiring ... i think digital collage artists would LOVE the get their hands on these as collage backgrounds. the leached sands almost looks like the tail of a phoenix ....

  8. Fantastic and inspiring photos! The magic often lies in the unsignifcant, modest - and you notice it very well!

  9. M, N,SZQ, JM, JG, V, L & S - hi folks - glad you enjoyed the pics. SZQ - I think I am too lazy to take the time to do real photography with a real camera. JG - the iPhone does take some pretty good shots. N - thanks but can you see me getting around to putting them into blog booK. V & S - art does make us pay a little more attention. L - yes the sand created some amazing patterns that could be great background to other stuff. JM - the bedspring and dog print made me smile. Go well. B

  10. A good way to prepare yourselves for the count down to Christmas. I love the leached coloured sands shot and the tree root. Magic!

  11. These are really cool pics, Barry. Who'd have thought you could get such results with a phone? But I think the medium suits you. I'm seeing a lot of good photography using nontraditional means lately. Once the pressure of fancy equipment is removed, the creativity is free to flow! All the best to you.

  12. Wonderful photos Barry, and you've inspired me to get a couple of apps for my iPhone and iPad. Very exciting.


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