Friday, September 23, 2011

Inspired by a leaf

Earlier in the week on one of our morning walk Fiona found this tiny (about 35mm in circumference) amazingly spiraled little leaf below.
Barry Smith © Fiona's find
I couldn't resist photographing it in a 'rainbow' on my desk curtesy of the sun through the edge of our louvres.
Barry Smith © Leaf with rainbow colours
The finding of this leaf came on top of a couple of weeks of wind and leaf litter at Rainbow Beach and around the block - so I got into taking photos of leaf litter.

Barry Smith © Leaf litter - Rainbow Beach
Barry Smith © Leaf litter on our pathway 
Barry Smith © Leaf litter from Treehaven Way
A couple of enquiries about leaves for sale motivated me to use this afternoon to create a couple of metal leaf litters - one of brass and one of silver-plated brass.

Barry Smith © Art imitates nature - brass leaf
Barry Smith © Litter of brass leaves - in the rough
Barry Smith © Twin tiny leaves
Barry Smith © Silver-plated brass litter of leaves at sunset
The photos above are of the leaves in the rough at sunset.


  1. I need a tree of your leaves - so I can hear the sound of the wind thru them. Perhaps a trade of Numbers for leaves?? I need more! :)

  2. As an avid leaf fan I simply love your leaves, and I particularly like the 'rough' ones.... wonder why?

  3. How amazing it is to see how you transform the world around you into art! Not even the smallest of things will be overlooked or left behind.

  4. What a beautiful bit of spiral inspiration!

  5. Magical Barry! Beautiful photos ( as you know I too enjoy looking at leaves)and your pieces are stunning.

    Glad to be back looking at blogs again. I have a frozen shoulder, so no mosaicing for a while. Gazing at other people's works via the net will have to compenstate for a while!

  6. SZQ, JM, TT, VA, HHB, & K - fellow leaf lovers of the world unite!! Thanks for your comments. SZQ - willing to trade anytime you want. JM - get me a jardiniere with thin brass sides and I will make you a stash of rough leaves. VA - thought you'd appreciate nature's spiral. HHM - sorry to hear about the shoulder - hope it is making progress and glad you can still do art vicariously. Next coffee processing instalment not too far away. Go well and be happy. B

  7. TT- the art thing makes us all a little more aware of the small bits of beauty - I am thankful for that. B

  8. I like so much your artworks, really this kind of thing inspiring me a lot, thanks for sharing them,

    and a big hello from Madrid,

  9. Delicious pictures, I really like the spiral blade and especially those great metal sheets created for you, really delicious and exquisitely photographed on the oxide.

  10. All gorgeous...the work of nature and yours too!!! So simple and elegant!

  11. B, L & P - hi folks glad you liked the leaf and stuff inspired by it. B - thanks for the greetings from Madrid; and really pleased you like my work. L - the rusted sheet metal does provide a beautiful surface especially as the sun is setting. P - thanks heaps - if I can get even close to nature that is good. Go well. B

  12. i love the curled leaf, and yours in the late light.

  13. wow!! the curved leaves are just amazing! actually so are your metal leaves ... i've never seen manmade leaves look as real as your metal leaves B. seriously!

  14. Barry I am just loving your work, what a talent you and Fiona have.
    Your creative side shows through with the photgraphy as well, thank you both for sharing.

  15. V, L & A - thanks for your support and comments. V - nature even added its bit through the soft light of sunset. L - I must say I love the little spiral metal leaves - I have put them into my keep space for now. A - thanks and continue to create well in NQ. Go well. B


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