Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Colours of children and community art

A 'brush' of artists from art4place facilitated a community art event on behalf of the Sunshine Coast Sister Cities Association as part of the Festuri multicultural festival (8-9 October).  This is reported on more fully in the art4place post on the event.

Whilst the event and the community effort of the artists was impressive, what struck me on the day was the colour and children's connection with and use of colour.

Bright banners

Barry Smith © Detail Festuri banner
Barry Smith © Detail Festuri banner
Brightly painted ceramic dragons

Barry Smith © Red hot dragon with yellow eyes
Barry Smith © Patchwork dragons
Barry Smith © Beautiful blue dragon with green eyes
Bright decorations on the big dragon

Barry Smith © Masterpieces on the dragon 1
Barry Smith © Masterpieces on the dragon 2
Barry Smith © Masterpieces on the dragon 3
Barry Smith © Masterpieces on the dragon 4
Colours in the painting pallets

Barry Smith © A pallet for a dragon
From the children's point of view the brighter the better. Makes me pause and think about the subdued pallet I am attracted to and use. Was there a time I thought dragons could be pink, and blue, and green and yellow?

Most photos are courtesy of Fiona.


  1. those colors are amazing, really looove them!

  2. Saw the parade on Sunday and LOVED the dragon. Of course dragons can be rainbow-coloured but mine would be lime-green with lots of red and yellow flames.

  3. they are fearless and full of enthusiasm!

  4. i love children's art! always have. so wonderful to see these.

  5. Beautiful! Love such colorful pieces!

  6. My color palette is subdued also. Children are fearless!
    This does stop and make me think! Still trying to connect with the child inside of me . . before the conditioning . .

  7. I remember loving bright colors when I was a kid too - bold and fearless! Why is it we go for a more subdued palette as we get older? It seems to parallel a move towards greater caution in all we do, as if being bold and bright and true to ourselves, however outrageous, were somehow undignified! Food for thought...thanks, B!


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