Friday, October 7, 2011

Handheld Gallery exhibition

Fiona's and my Handheld Gallery exhibition, Light and Lines,  opened last night on the 6 October.  Though I had created 13 small light assemblages (9 light catchers and 2 pieces that reference light) I decided to show the following 11 pieces.

Each piece is named to reflect the light theme and a predominant found object, material or design feature of the piece.

Barry Smith © Wheelie Light 
Barry Smith © Light between the lines
Barry Smith © Light on tap
Barry Smith © Lightly wrung
Barry Smith © Light headed
Barry Smith © Jewel light
Barry Smith © Hot light 2
Barry Smith © Light shuttle
Barry Smith © Lightly screwed
Barry Smith © Starlight - star-gate
Barry Smith © Moonlight - moon-gate

Given the small size of the gallery and the fact that it is a joint exhibition - Light and Lines - I think the number and variety of the assembles works. I shall follow up with a few photos of the opening night, the people and gallery etc.

In case you have the opportunity to drop in, the exhibition runs until 29 October. Handheld Gallery is located in Suite 18, upstairs Paramount Arcade, 108 Bourke Street, Melbourne. Gallery hours are: Tuesday-Saturday 12-5pm.


  1. Like walking into my grandfather's laboratory... my favorites are the ones made from shuttles. The wood is so beautiful combined with the shiny, warm. Have a great show!

  2. An impressive collection of light-catchers Barry. Looks like the show got off to a good start.

  3. The pieces are fabulous - wishing you a fantastic show!
    The leaf-blade - wow! I think you are on to something there...

  4. They look good. Hope the exhibition goes well, sorry we missed it.
    I have been searching for saucepan lids, last time I wandered the op and 2nd hand shops there were quite a few, now none, not even the garage sales.

  5. these objects ARE laboratoryish, but even more fun!
    congrats on the exhibition!

  6. Congratulations for this magnificent exhibition full of great works of creativity. As always I love your use of recycled material.

  7. I simply adore these, Barry. They are so unexpected. They make me smile, and they make me sigh too.

  8. B, i could just stare at your light catchers all day and everyday ... wish i had the ability and space to work metal like you and Kim ...


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