Sunday, October 30, 2011

Art finds a new home and other matters

The last 24 hours has been a bit crazy. I went to Melbourne to take down the Handheld exhibition and bring the unsold pieces home. All went well until I got caught up in the QANTAS grounding of the entire airline fleet. I was actually on a plane about to push back for taxing and takeoff when the grounding happened. I called Fiona from the aircraft and she quickly got me onto a latish flight with another airline. So I got home very late - but hey I got home.

Today has  been a day of catch up - weeding, mowing the grass etc. But we had to deliver the Rosebed auction for Japan pieces to Rosebed Gallery in Eudlo. So the pieces below - Fiona's folded heart book and my leaves - were delivered so they can be packed and sent to the successful bidders.

Barry Smith © Heart book and leaves in the landscape 
Barry Smith © Fiona's heart book and my leaves - off to new homes
We were happy to drop the pieces off as it provided us with the opportunity to visit Rosebed Gallery and check out the Small Works exhibition that friends and fellow artists Kim Schoenberger  and JoMurray feature in. And an added bonus was that we ran into Jo at the gallery and she gave me a stash of stuff for cutting, beating and recycling.

Barry Smith © Jo's gift

Barry Smith © Jo's gift - includes EPNS and anodised lids
But there is no such thing as a 'free stash' - once the bits are sorted and cut up a leaf or bowl will make its way to Jo. Mind you I have stash envy when I checked out Stegata's flea market purchases; and her mineral exhibition purchases.

Because of the constant travelling for work-work I have not had time to beat metal etc. So I have done art vicariously - checking out and being inspired by the creativity of others such as Mariedodd's current series; Luthien's fantasy inspired creations; and Carol's foray into iPhoneography. Whilst the work of other artists is not the same as one does it is amazing just how much overlap exists between us.


  1. Barry - Jo's gift of stash is marvellous - you have no need for stash envy!! Can't wait to see what you do with those yummy pieces. Congrats on having your leaves and Fiona's heart book going off to a new home.

  2. How exhausting to be delayed just when you thought you were on your way home! The exciting thing about browsing through your stash is that we know we will probably get to see what you make with it.

  3. Oh! the heart book and those leaves: beautiful objects beautifully photographed!
    And the treasure stash for future treasures....
    Too much beauty all in one post!

  4. sorry about the delay in getting home, glad fiona is a whiz with that sort of thing... your stash looks wonderful - and renate's finds are always so terrific (they make me want to go and stay with her in germany)... thank you for the mention - i know that i get fed by the inspiration i derive seeing the world through others eyes and imaginations...

  5. Love the folded heart book... especially with a pile of leaves at its base. Glad you got home, around here we're digging out from a VERY early 2ft snowstorm. Most folks are without power, somehow, I've got it. :)

    Happy recycling, great stuff! And, I too must admit to a slight bit of envy of Stregata's finds.....

  6. PLOP!! *pls peel me off the ground someone*

    B ... btw you and Renate ... you guys are killing me softly with your stashES ((O_O))

    ok ... now that i've managed to peel myself off the ground ... that folded heart book is unbelievably beautiful!! and those leaves ... i think you have inspired SO MANY of us with them leaves ... i am visiting blogs and everyone is making leaves!! i want to make some too ... i just bought a book on mixed metal and there's a page on foldforming .. HAH!! next year's project :)

    as to Jo's stash ... i am excited to see what transformation would occur from one beautiful form to another ...

  7. Thanks for the mention Barry... just happy to see you with lots of material for future masterpieces. Thanks also for all the links in your post. A little browsing pleasure for all.

  8. Some wonderful treasures there, can't wait to see their re-birth

  9. it is such a lovely feeling to be among this network of creative minds :-) thanks for the mention B.

  10. S/R, R, AM, MD, VA, L JM & K - hi all - thanks for checking out the travelling art and the stash. Knew the bits and pieces would appeal to other 'hunters and collectors' of stuff. MD - maybe R will invite us all over to go flea marketing? VA - wow! now that is cold - hope you continue to stay OK through it all. L - I had a big laugh when I read PLOP - it is great to have so much inspiration through the blogs - look forward to your first foldformed leaf. JM&K i it is easy to give recognition to good artists. Go well and collect well. B


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