Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Metal 4 Men"

For almost a year Noela M and I have collaborated to create the Bazola line of jewellery. Bazola is sold through Main Street Gallery in Montville. Caroline who is the gallery manager said whilst it was good having the Bazola jewellery there she did get the occasional request for 'jewellery for men'.

So below you can see three prototypes of what I think could be 'pendants for men'.

Barry Smith © Bazmetal
I don't think you can really call the stuff pendants so I am tossing names around for this new line: Metal 4 Men; Bits for Blokes; Bazmetal (as in base metals) .... any thoughts?

Following are closer shots of the three pieces and their backs - I experimented with different integrated hanging-lacing attaching systems.

Barry Smith © Bazmetal - Prototype 1
Barry Smith  Bazmetal - prototype 2
Barry Smith  Bazmetal - prototype 3
Barry Smith  Bazmetal - prototype 2 - back
Barry Smith  Bazmetal - prototype 1 - back
Barry Smith  Bazmetal - prototype 3 - back
One of the features of the men's stuff is going to be rivets - so I had to make a couple of small rivet tools to set and dome small copper and brass nails .

Barry Smith © Bazmetal - prototypes in the rough on the anvil
Barry Smith © Setting and doming tools
Barry Smith © Setting and doming tools


  1. these are handsome as can be. I love your first two names for the manly pendants. I think you are on to something that you could market.

  2. I'd wear these Barry.. they are very appealing, even for 'sheilas'. Axs for a name...mmmmm... not a clue.

  3. I would definitely wear these too. Dog Tags.... Man Tags?

  4. Mmm... i was thinking along the 'tag' line too... metal tags, baztags... tagz?/???

    (ps did they arrive?)

  5. What a magnificent collection, Barry. I would wear these pendants also.
    I try to pick out my favorite, but you make it very difficult. They are all so pretty, I can't decide which I like best:)

    Gaby xo

  6. Yeah I like "Its a boy thing" hahahh! _Lyn Moes

  7. I think that 'tag' fits best - these are definitely unisex...
    But most of all, I am drooling over your setting and doming tools! I think I must talk to my husband...

  8. TL, JM, R, SS GB, LM, S/R - thanks for the positive feedback on these new pieces. The gallery manager I mentioned is keen to see a selection before the Christmas gift buying period starts. Thanks also for comments and suggestions regarding the name. S/R - the tools worked well but left marks as the faces had not been polished. I'm sure your husband would have no trouble creating them. Positive creative vibes to all. Go well. B

  9. These are wonderful, Barry! I think they're uni-sex. I would love to wear them. I love the overlapping shapes and rivets. I love rivets . . circles!


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