Monday, November 28, 2011

Carpets of blossoms

Whilst we have many flowering tress in our area two of the most stunning are the Jacaranda and the Coral. After the Friday walk after the rain Fiona and I went into town for a coffee. On the way home we were just mesmerised by the beauty of the fallen blossom on the roadside near our 'show grounds' - carpets of mauve and red. We just had to go home get the cameras and return to record some of the beauty and share the visual feast.

So here are a few images.

Barry Smith © Jacaranda blossom caught on barbed wire fence
Barry Smith© Pathway of red and mauve
Barry Smith © Fragments - red, mauve and leaf
Barry Smith © Blossoms caught in bark
Barry Smith © Blossoms piled at the base of the tree
Barry Smith © Jacaranda blossoms suspended in spider's web on the tree trunk: 1
Barry Smith © Jacaranda blossoms suspended in spider's web on the tree trunk: 2
Barry Smith © Jacaranda blossoms suspended in the tree
Nature is so generous. These photos were taken with my compact Canon IXUS - it has a rudimentary macro lens so I could take some better shots of the suspended blossoms - particularly those caught on the barbed wire and in the spider's webs. No manipulation of nature in these shots.


  1. I love these beautiful flowers, great photos of spring. Have a happy week.

  2. amazing shots B! the lens is a wonderous thing ... it captures all these little beauties that is around us, that our eyes seem to miss.

  3. Thanks for going back for the camera... it was worth it.... a beautiful scene.

  4. it must have been like playing 'i spy'! really fun - and so beautiful... that coral tree is just stunning -

  5. The Jacaranda suspended in the web is awesome. I have a Jacaranda tree in my backyard and it's one of my favorites. In fact, I think AZ is a lot like Australia.

  6. L, LT, JM, MD & SZQ - hi folks thanks for checking out the beauty of the Coral and Jacaranda blossom. The flowers suspended in the cobwebs are my favourites - such a delicate balance - and so good the camera could capture what I saw. MD - the colour of the Coral tree is just so vivid.SZQ - It would be good to check out AZ to see how alike to OZ it is. Go well all. B


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