Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday draw - giveaway

Over the last couple of days Fiona and I have been over to Perth and back for work-work - got back late-ish this afternoon. And whilst we have been on the go catching up and doing shopping and family stuff I did remember that I was to draw the earring giveaway.

So all the names in the comments on the post were written on paper; cut and folded; placed in the Tibetan singing bowl; and two names were drawn out of the bowl by Fiona.

A bowl of names
And as you can see the giveaway recipients are Robyn and Anna.

The earrings below will head overseas to Robyn as her name was first out of the bowl.

Barry Smith © Earrings for Robyn
And the earrings below will be sent to anna - second name drawn.

Barry Smith © Earrings for Anna
Thanks to everyone for contributing to the comments especially sharing your views on recycling and art. May we hunters and collectors grow and turn more of the discarded into renewed beauty.

I have some great public art in Perth photos to share but that will wait until tomorrow.


  1. I am speechless!!!
    How can I be so lucky to win this treasure!?!?!?!
    They are perfect! I will wear them fully aware and proud of their provenance and as a reminder of friendships across the globe.
    Thank you so very-very-VERY much!!!

  2. congratulations robyn and anna!
    looking forward to seeing the work - i have some photos to share soon as well...

  3. Beautiful!
    Thank you
    :)) Lyn

  4. How lucky am I?! I do feel sheepish that I have won again.... but I am really over the moon!!! Thank you so much Barry and Fiona. Wow!!

  5. Bravo you lucky winners!... well done.

  6. AM, TL, MD, L, R & JM - glad there is so much good will out there. The earrings are winging their way to R and AM - hope they enjoy them. B

  7. I really like those earrings, a nice design.


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