Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rust and words

Every now and then a theme emerges from photo taking. A couple of months ago on a bush-walk at Rainbow Beach Fiona and I encountered the following rusted words that were part of a sign about a great coastal walk.
Barry Smith © Rusted word 1 - Rainbow Beach
Barry Smith © Rusted word 2 - Rainbow Beach
When we were in Perth a couple of weeks ago we came upon a fairly formal bronze statue but the base was a magical combination of reconstituted stone and rusted Corten steel. Messages about the progress of WA under the esteemed leader were spelt out in cutout words. I selected a few.

Barry Smith © Rusted word 3 - Perth
Barry Smith © Rusted word 4 - Perth
Barry Smith © Rusted word 5 - Perth
Barry Smith © Rusted word 6 - Perth
Barry Smith © Rusted word with shoe print - Perth
Barry Smith © Rusted word 7 - Perth
All photos were taken with iPhone - I never cease to be amazed that some different colours appear without manipulation. But I do find that rust and cutouts and edges make for some good iPhonegraphy manipulation. So I couldn't resist sharing a few of the photos that have been given different treatments.

Barry Smith © Manipulating words 1
Barry Smith © Manipulating words 2
Barry Smith © Manipulating words 3
Barry Smith © Manipulating words 4
Barry Smith © Manipulating words 5
Usually I try a few approaches before I save the changes I want - the pattern and colour etc of the original dictates what works best.

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  1. Barry, you are becoming quite the digital artist....


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